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I knew this would happen to Colt 45‘s commercial on Colt 45 Vava Vroom Real Man Promo. Sexy actress Christine Reyes showed too much skin on this ad that features prizes such as a brand new Colt 45 Ford tough truck and a weekend getaway with the said actress.

christine reyes colt 45

The second advertisement of Colt 45 Vava Vroom Real Man Promo was pulled out last June 22. The part of the commercial showing a man holding the bikini top of Christine Reyes irked Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and demanded Asia Brewery, Inc., the manufacturer of Colt 45 beer to stop making commercials degrading women.

“The part of the commercial wherein the man was holding the bikini top of Ms. Reyes insinuates sexual interest, hence, depicting Ms. Reyes as a sex object,” PCW Executive Director Emmeline L. Verzosa said in a statement.

PCW said it will no longer be “forgiving” of Colt 45 commercials, which usually “promote stereotypes of what a real man should and should not do.”

“PCW remains steadfast in its position to oppose any efforts of commodifying women and perpetuating sex stereotyping,” Verzosa added.

The first commercial showing Christine Reyes getting ready for her date after taking a shower was not pulled out but some scenes were deleted for showing too much skin.

Meanwhile, Asia Brewery, Inc.’s Senior Brand Manager Joseph Ryan Consul said that they did not view the promotion as a derogatory portrayal of women as a commodity or prize.

“The date concept with a celebrity is a “rather common and highly accepted experience most people would aspire.” Furthermore, the weekend getaway with Reyes “simply focuses on the enthralling experience…of having a personal interaction with a celebrity,” Consul added.

The nationwide consumer promotion started on May 1 and is set to end on September 30.

Section 16 of R.A 9710 (Magna Carta of Women) on the Non-discriminatory and Non-derogatory Portrayal of Women in Media and Film asserts that the State shall endeavor to raise the consciousness of the general public in recognizing the dignity of women and the role and contribution of women in the family, community, and the society through the strategic use of mass media.

PCW is mandated as the primary policy-making, coordinating and monitoring body on women and gender equality under the Office of the President. It is also the overall oversight body that ensures the implementation of the MCW.

The MCW took effect on September 15, 2009 while its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) became effective last July 10.

Cristine Reyes Colt45 Promo Commercial 2. Viewers discretion is advised.

Cristine Reyes Colt45 Promo Commercial 1

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  1. halo8888 says:

    was it PCW who actually banned the ad or only demanded the ban? isn’t mtrcb is the one who approves the ads on tv? and aren’t they the one who has the power to do the banning?

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