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A dismissed policemen identified as Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza, held passengers of a tourist bus near the Quirino Grandstand hostage.

Passengers of the HONG THAI tourist bus includes 22 Chinese Nationals and three Filipinos.

Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza was reportedly sacked from service for drug charges and extortion. But Mendoza said he was unjustly dismissed and was deprived of due process.

He is armed with an M-16 assault rifle when he boarded the tourist bus. Mendoza’s demands were written on a piece of cartolina and placed outside the bus. He hijacked the tourist bus to force authorities to clear his name and demanded to be reinstated to his previous post. He was formerly with the Manila police’s mobile patrol.  He is also a former recipient of the 1986 Ten Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines (TOPP) of the Jaycees International.

Police are still negotiating with Mendoza, and SWAT members have already surrounded the bus.

Buendia Flyover N/B closed by PNP due to hostage taking at quirino grandstand. South Drive and North road at Katigbak were also closed.

As of this writing 9 hostages were freed by Mendoza which includes children and elderly women.

He requested food for himself and the passengers and also gasoline. He then flashed a message, “3 pm dead lock.”  Police give 30-minute extension of 3pm deadline. Mendoza posted “media now.”

Hostage taking is still going on for 8 hours now.


quirino grandstand hostage taking

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  1. jamie says:

    i hope this would end peacefully.

  2. dianne says:

    oh i hope this DRAMA hostage will end ahh… phillippines was already declared one of the most disaster country and now this innocent people are being held hosteage just because this guy was sacked from service?ah now i don’t think that foreigners will no longer visit our country because of this tsk,tsk,tsk,tsk

  3. Cherry says:

    I think it would not,
    Let us all pray for the souls of those who are dead…

  4. riot says:

    @jamie – sadly, i don’t think it will anymore.

  5. Monching says:

    the victim.. oh my God.. they die

  6. riley says:

    damn, i wish that this would end. there are kids in there (i heard). this is such a humiliation for the filipinos. :(

  7. nichie says:

    hauf na pulis. dami pinatay. such a LOOSER…. duh..

  8. momo says:


  9. berloy says:

    sadly.. it didnt.. :(

  10. anak ama says:

    parang may mali sa police operation! over acting. naging comedy hostage ang drama. nakakatawa ung mga pulis. 1 tao lang hehehe 1 batalyon na pulis. kahit pa it takes a week or a month or a year dapat ang main concern ng authority ay un safety ng hostage. to get them alive by all means. pro inasume na pataay na lahat kawawa naman mga tao,

  11. Susan says:

    why cant we all be friendly towards one another. and why cant those physco get a life. i demand world peace!

  12. anak ama says:

    dko alam kung anong training ng mga pulis pro palpak ang action nila sa simula hangang matapos. pro buti nalang may 1 magaling ung sniper? ha congats.

  13. ems says:

    so very sad… the government ang dapat sisihin …

  14. says:

    so sad,,,,,sobra!!! lahat naman pwedeng magkamali pero iba na yung alam nang mali,ginawa pa!!! mali talaga yung pag-aresto nang kapatid hostage taker,,naka-trigger yun,di nag-isip yung mga humuli,,,(maling akala!!!)akala kasi makatulong! PERO ANG PINAKA-MALI SA LAHAT NANG MALI,,,ANG MAGALING NA MEDIA!!! kung iisipin nyo,,,majority nang mga incidents natin sa pinas,,involve and media!!! di naman sa nagmamagaling, pero dapat may orientation din sila sa mga sitwasyong pwede kumuha o hindi dapat kumuha,,,(alam ko meron,,,pero yun orientation na TAMA SA LAHAT NANG TAMA),,,di kasi maintindihan,,,kuha lang nang kuha,,,suong nang suong sa dilikado,,,pag-na-involve,,REKLAMU AGAD! sana maayus! “still im one of the filipinos hoping for a change”

  15. anak ama says:

    mali din ung mga press people sa live coverage ng police movement and positioning dpat d un live. pro ung pagaresto sa brother nya ok lang na icover live kc report un na dapat din makita ng taong bayan. sa kabuuan nakita ntin ung kahinaan ng mga pulis na inaasahan ntin na magtatangol s mga mamayan sa oras ng kagipitan ay mga major major bopols!!! sa police operations pla at bka ikaw ang madisgrasya pag humingi ka ng tulong sa kanila. magaling lang pala sa porma at kotongan ang mga hinayupak na mga pulis. i tao lang na pulis din at d pa experto. pano na kung expert and highly trained urban terrorist ung nakalaban ung 200 pulis malamang ubos!

  16. mm.bonita says:

    sana di nman madamai ang lhat ng pilipino kasi hndi rn nla kagustuhan ang nangyari…. hope nga maka move on na ang lahat ..

  17. Sonny Godoy says:

    How is it possible that Ms. Gloria can write a letter regarding the recent hostage taking?? Please note that the hostage taker was a previous policeman who was removed from the force during the administration of Gloria Arroyo. This is the true origin of that tragic incident!!! It’s just a pity that the Aquino administration have to clean the mess which the Arroyo administration had made.

  18. Sonny Godoy says:

    Sana maisip ng marami lalo na yung mga nagmamarunong na tauhan ni Gloria, na hindi mangyayari ang hostage drama na yun kung nung during her administration e hindi unjustiafiable na-remove yung tao sa police force. Nakaka-irritate lang talaga na nagawa pa ni Gloria na sabihin sa tsina na tutukan nya ang imbestigasyon dito!! She’s making it appear na wala syang kinalaman ganung during her reign natanggal yung tao!!!

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